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5 Reasons To Buy COB LED Light Products

Posted by JC Manufacturing on 5/6/2016 to Product Features
5 Reasons To Buy COB LED Light Products
COB (Chip on Board) is a new packaging design technology that not only saves on cost but has many other benefits. According to Digi-Key Electronics, COB is: 

"One of the newest packaging solutions designed to help lower costs is chip-on-board (COB) light source modules, in which the LED chips are in the form of a semiconductor chip that is neither encased nor connected but directly mounted onto a PCB or, more generally, a substrate."

5 reasons to buy COB LED light products:
  1. 10 Times as Bright
  2. Uses Less Energy
  3. More Even Light Tone
  4. Lasts Longer
  5. More Efficient Heat Dissipation
COB LED lights can effectively create more revenue. It is a trusted product that delivers great results! Check out some of our COB LED light products:

COB LED Clip light                  UV LED Flashlight w/ Laser  
COB LED Clip Light                       UV COB LED Multi-Use Flashlight