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I-Pitch - Programmable Motion Activated Shelf-Pitchman. GREAT FOR Trade Shows and in-store Promotions!

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The Patent Pending Shelf-Talker
The I-PItch talking box is a Patent Pending Sales Tool.

This is a revolutionary “Shelf Talker” in the actual sense of the word.This is the record-able talk box we call the I-Pitch.

This new product is a “must have marketing tool” for any retail store. If you have product you need to sell and you don’t want to hire a “Carnival Barker” to pitch your product 24/7, this is the product to get.

It’s the size of a cigarette pack. Small and compact and has a powerful amplifier built into it so it announces the sales pitch at the volume you want!

Here’s how it works.

You upload the sales presentation, load it with 3 AA batteries and let it do the selling for you! We also sell an optional AC adapter. Screw the I-Pitch into the wall to secure it or Velcro it to a shelf. Either way it’s an effective salesman!

This product pays for itself in ONE day, when you compare the cost of hiring an employee to stand by the end cap or shelf and sell to everyone that walks by! You can’t beat the value!

The I-pitch has a USB port built into it, so once you create your sales pitch, you upload the sound file into the I-Pitch using the USB cable we provide with the kit, you are ready to go.

Once the file is uploaded you have two options to make the product ready for sales day in and day out!.

The I-pitch works in one of two modes. Motion activated or a “push to talk” mode. The option switch is located on the side of the box.

In the Motion activated mode… when a person moves within about 2 feet of the I-Pitch, it will switch on and play the sales presentation you uploaded into it…. and then reload and wait for the next person to walk by!

In the Push to talk mode you place some kind of instruction for the customer to push the button on the front of the box to hear the sales message and the box is set up the same way.

Either way it will switch off after one play and wait to be reactivated by either the motion or the push button.

The volume control allows you to have it as loud as you need it to be.

Look in today’s world you need sales help inside any retail environment. Hiring additional help is costly and the time spent to train an employee to stand beside the products being promoted all day long and repeating the same marketing line again and again is next to impossible. An employee also costs you about $ 40,000 a year plus headaches right? 

Buy this 24/7 Shelf Talker and see your products promoted reliably day in and day out,.

If you have walk in traffic and you need to tell them about the products you have on sale…YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT.

They also make great entry door greeters. Instead of a door bell how about a greeting and a quick pitch about what you have on sale when the customer walks in??


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